Tile Roof Restoration

Over time, tiled roofing systems can experience a significant amount of wear and tear, and if the proper maintenance is not performed regularly, concerning issues can arise. Often the best way to approach these concerns is to seek the help of a professional tile roof restoration service.

It is so important to be proactive when it comes to roofing repairs for your Adelaide home or business. After all, it can be the difference between a healthy roof and one that is subject to catastrophic roof failure. We understand that because your roof is often out of sight, these issues may occur without your knowledge. However, when you do notice that something isn’t right, it may soon turn into something that will threaten your family’s well being if ignored.

Protect your greatest investment with a tiled roof restoration service from Adelaide’s leading roofing company. At Quality Roofing, we have over 30 years of roofing experience and pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with an affordable and premium tiled roof restoration service that will exceed all expectations. With our profound expertise, and commitment to you, the client, we will transform your old and worn tiled roof into an impressive and striking addition to your Adelaide property.

No matter what type of roofing tile, concrete or terracotta, we can help!

The Difference Between a Tiled Roof Restoration and a Roof Replacement Service

Often we find that people are confused with the difference between a tiled roof restoration and a roof replacement service.

The difference is quite simple. Tiled roof restorations involve repairing cracked and damaged tiles, as well as fixing any water leaks and repainting the roof with a protective membrane that will not only provide you with a roof that looks brand new; it will also aid in your home or business’s energy efficiency. A roof replacement, is as the name suggests, the replacement of the entire old roof with a new one.

Tiled roof restorations cost less than roof replacements, and are a great alternative for those whose roofs aren’t quite ready for a full replacement. However, when it does come time to replace your tiled roof, we recommend making the change to steel, as it will provide you with long-lasting durability, minimal maintenance and design flexibility.

Benefits of a Tiled Roof Restoration Service

A tiled roof restoration will provide your home with significantly improved weather protection against Adelaide’s harsh climate. Not only will a professional tiled roof restoration service extend the overall longevity of your Adelaide home’s roof, but it will also enhance the overall look of your property, resulting in an instant increase in your property’s market value.

Concrete Tiled Roof Restorations

Our professional team are highly experienced and well equipped to provide restoration services on both concrete and terracotta roofing tiles. However, each tile involves a slightly different restoration approach.

Concrete tiles are prone to deterioration over time, contributing factors such as weather and extreme heat can lead to concrete roofing tiles to break down. This can lead to structural defects and more substantial issues further down the line.

Over time, the tiles surface will oxidise causing it to become powdery, and once this surface coating is gone, it can lead to severe erosion. This can lead to the product of erosion ending up in the guttering system, limiting the water flow which can lead to gutter failure.

Investing in a professional tiled roof restoration service from Quality Roofing, you will protect yourself against these issues and from others occurring. A good quality sealer and coating application will stop the deterioration process in its tracks, as well as give your Adelaide roof a stunning new appearance.

Terracotta Tiled Roof Restorations

Terracotta roofs are an appealing choice and the premium roof tiling option. Available in various shades, shapes and colours this roofing material is of the highest quality. At Quality Roofing, we proudly provide our roof restoration services to Adelaide terracotta roofed homes and businesses with expertise that is second to none.

In order to restore a terracotta tiled roof, it takes extreme skill and expertise. At Quality Roofing, our professional team have all of the required knowledge and experience to complete a terracotta tiled roof restoration to the highest quality.

However, it is important to note that in order to protect the integrity of the terracotta tile we will not paint over the tiles themselves. Our restoration service includes the changing of the valley iron, painting gables and rebedding and repointing ridge caps.

If your Adelaide home or business has a terracotta tiled roof that requires restoration, you can take comfort in the level of expertise we will provide in order to get the works specified and completed correctly the first time around!

Please see our detailed tiled roof restoration process below:

Inspection, Repair and Replacement
The roof is inspected for damaged, loose or missing bedding, moss and lichen. Damaged tiles and faulty valley irons are then replaced where required.

The roof is then cleaned with a high-pressure hose. Water is directed away in an environmentally friendly manner using flat lay hosing as required.

Re-bed and Re-point
Ridge capping is re-bedded, where required. Ridge capping is then re-pointed with a flexible acrylic pointing mix.

Fungal and algal spoilage must be treated before recoating. Prep treatment is applied after cleaning to sterilise the surface.

The entire roof area is then sealed to ensure strong adhesion with roof membrane next generation. The application of specially designed primers to work in the system to suit specific conditions.

Roof Membrane: Next Generation
This involves a two coat membrane application encapsulating the entire roof surface. Next Generation roof membrane provides you with the ultimate protection, durability and weather protection.

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Quality Roofing is not just any roof restoration company. We have worked hard to develop a system using only the most qualified professionals and premium products and materials to create an end result that is both functional, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Why not give our friendly team a call today to arrange your free quote. Our roofing professionals will inspect your roof and put together a list of works required to ensure that your tiled roof restoration service provides with the added protection you deserve. These restoration works can include the replacement or repair of flashings, valleys, the replacement or cracked and broken tiles, bedding, ridge and barge caps, a high pressure clean and finished with a premium coating to ensure that your investment shines! Call today!

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