Steel Roof Replacement Adelaide

Has your business’ current steel roofing system started to deteriorate? Or have you become sick and tired of the current look and feel of the property? At Quality Roofing, we offer a complete commercial roofing replacement that can reinforce and rejuvenate the building in many ways. Using the roofing industry’s highest graded products, you will benefit from a complete steel roof replacement.

Not only can we provide you with a new roof, but we can also handle the removal and disposal of the old roofing system for your convenience, and make any property alterations that are required for the new roof.

Steel roof replacement

Whether you have an old roof (of any type of material), or you are looking to switch up the complete feel of your home. The replacement process is often undertaken by businesses looking to emphasise the functionality or the property, or combat damage that is causing headaches.

Using steel supplied by Revolution Roofing, You can experience the durable qualities of Colorbond and Zincalumeproducts for years to come. With True Oak profiles, your steel roof replacement can house the ultimate functional attributes, allowing for effective water run-off for years to come.

Commerical steel roof replacement comes in many different forms, and each property is different. Depending on the state of your current roofing system, a steel roof replacement in Adelaide can involve the replacement of other areas of the system. With a list of services designed to rejuvenate your property, Quality Roofing can handle it all. The following are all of the components of a full steel roof replacement:

Steel Roofing Replacement Services Available:

  • Steel Roof Fixing Replacement
  • Steel Roof Trust Replacement
  • Steel Roof Replacement
  • Steel Roof Gutter and Downpipe
  • Steel Roof sheet replacement

Whether you have an existing steel roof or an ineffective or unsightly tile roof, a steel roof replacement is a fantastic way to protect your commercial investment and ensure productivity and safety moving forward. If you have resale in mind or want to preserve the value of your commercial property, a professional roof replacement is a great investment.

If you are unsure about whether a steel roof replacement is a good choice for your particular business, our team are here for you. During the consultation phase, we can provide you with information and a detailed quote, so you are fully informed about the different requirements of steel roof replacement in Adelaide.

Why do I need a replacement

Unsure whether a steel roof replacement is what your business needs? Don’t stress, because our team at Quality Roofing know exactly what warrants a roof replacement. The following are some of the common causes for a steel roof replacement in Adelaide.

Tile Roofs

While there is truly no look like a tile roofing system, often the tiresome replacement and maintenance can be a time and financial strain on your business. If broken tiles are getting tedious a steel roof replacement can be the cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative.

At Quality roofing, we believe that the incredibly durable steel roofing products we offer create a relatively maintenance free system. Steel requires less support and is available in larger lightweight sheets, which means that in the event of a sheet replacement, the process will be significantly easier.


It is not uncommon for the elements to get the better of your roofing system. Falling branches, unwanted intrusion or forms of rust and corrosion can all cause a steel or tile roofing system to deteriorate. This can lead to a number of issues that pose structural and health risks inside the commercial property.

If you have suffered through a storm or have noticed the early signs of water damage, a Quality Roofing steel roofing replacement can restore strength to your property.


It’s no secret that time can cause both aesthetic and functional damage to a property. We find that older steel roofing systems may suffer from leaking due to water flow issues, not to mention the deterioration of fixings and trusts. Professional steel roofing replacement is a fantastic way to avoid further damage resulting from an old roof.


Old roofs of all types can leave your business looking a bit tired. At Quality Roofing; we believe one of the best ways to visually revitalise your business is to replace the current roofing material with a fantastic and vibrant new product. With access to a range of different profiles, suppliers and colours, you have ultimate control over the final look of your property with a steel roof replacement.

Importance of professional roof replacement

To ensure that your investment in new steel roofing is a long-term solution, consult the professionals. At Quality Roofing we have designed our roof replacement service to encompass every area of roof replacement. If it is motivated by damage, we can determine just what extent you need to go to for your business.

With decades of steel roofing experience, working with hundreds of commercial properties, we know the signs and strive to offer honest advice about your options!

Complete understanding of what steel roof replacement involves and a curated list of products is what separates Quality Roofing from the competition.

All era’s and designs

Adelaide is home to thousands of unique businesses, and at Quality Roofing we believe that each home should be treated in isolation. With this in mind, we strive to bring to life different roofing replacements by combining colours, roofing shapes and orientation. No matter when your property was constructed, or what it looks like externally, a steel roofing replacement is a timeless visual choice that is a sound investment in the longevity of your business.

Our team at Quality Roofing have witnessed the evolution of steel roofing products first hand and can confidently say that we know the process, inside and out! Call today to organise a consultation, measure and quote.

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