Residential Asbestos Removal (Tile Removal)

Take the danger out of any kind of home improvement by getting the professionals to remove any asbestos roof tiles that may be a part of your property. At Quality Roofing, we take the stress out of asbestos removal by handling the entire process for you. With a process that involves the safe removal AND disposal of asbestos roof tiles, you can rest easy knowing that the material no longer poses any threat to those who come into contact with it.

To avoid coming into contact with the hazardous material, it is essential that the safe removal and disposal is undertaken by a professional. Whether you are looking to re-roof a property, demolish a home, or remove a small area of asbestos tiles that are supplementing your roof – we can help!


Residential asbestos tile removal in Adelaide is a careful process. Commonly found on dated properties are an old corrugated asbestos roof sheet, but also in some shingles and tiles, asbestos has been proven to cause dramatic detrimental health effects. If you have newly discovered that your Adelaide property is in need of residential asbestos tile removal, it is time to call the professional roofing experts at Quality Roofing.

Our team have had years of experience dealing with asbestos, and although it isn’t as prominent as it once was this material can still be found in old homes. The particles of asbestos, when inhaled, can cause serious lung diseases and even cancer when they become lodged over time. Particles are released in a number of ways, but none more so than unprofessional sheet removal. The irritation of asbestos fibres in the lungs can also cause chronic cases of fibrosis. By accidental cutting these materials, you can put yourself in serious harm!

Why Remove Asbestos

In Adelaide, we find that the decision to remove asbestos tiles often comes down to safety. There are several cases that we find lead to the removal of asbestos tiles, all of which will require a diligent and careful process in order to ensure your safety.


The safe, and efficient removal of asbestos tiles will be required if you have a residential property that you are demolishing. While it is easy to think that you just knock the entire home over and clear the waste, it is essential (legally) to undertake careful removal and disposal of asbestos roof tiles, prior to the rest of the demolition. At Quality Roofing we can help you avoid the hazardous release of asbestos particles by undertaking the removal process for you.


Many Adelaide homeowners who knowingly have asbestos roof tiles, choose to undertake a professional re-roofing process. This is to avoid any future health concerns, but to also reinforce the property with a stronger, more durable alternative. The re-roofing process will begin with the safe removal of all asbestos materials before a new, and safe alternative is installed.


Another reason to remove asbestos is the frailty of the material. Over time, any roofing product can begin to deteriorate, and asbestos roof tiles are no different. If this material has become inadequate at protecting your home, you have all the more reason to remove the tiles! Leaking asbestos roof tiles can have serious repercussions on the overall wellbeing of those within your home. So, a Quality Roofing roof replacement with a strong steel product may be the difference between you being dry and safe in the winter, and being exposed to some hazardous materials in the years to come.

What is Asbestos roofing?

One of the most confusing things about asbestos is identifying it. Commonly, some South Australian homes were built with this material before it was known to be damaging to health. Whether it was flooring or roofing, it was once present in many household locations.

Finding out if a material is asbestos can be tricky. At Quality Roofing we can help you find out the severity of your roofing system by visually identifying whether or not it is asbestos. Alternatively, you can choose to have a sample tested. This will give you a definitive indication as to whether the current roofing system could pose serious threats to the health of those in your home, or not.

A common misconception is the confusing of asbestos roofing and an old slate roof. From the ground, these materials look remarkably similar to the sheeting. Our team at Quality Roofing will be able to give you a definitive solution as to whether it is asbestos, even if it involves referring you to a registered asbestos tester.

Found asbestos?

Asbestos roof tiles can be disposed of, but only in a particular way. Rather than exposing yourself to the particles of the material, allow the professionals to handle the entire process for you. Providing you with a free consultation and analysis, our team of professionals can take the stress out of the process by handling it all for you.

Some traditional roof sheeting removal techniques can be incredibly detrimental as they release the asbestos particles into the air. Our team at Quality Roofing not only know how to safely remove the tiles but can also wrap and dispose of them through the appropriate means.

There is a very specific process to go through when it comes to the safe removal of asbestos, and there are many rules and regulations to adhere to. To ensure that your family are safe, call our team at Quality Roofing to handle all of your asbestos removal and disposal needs!

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