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Being proactive and cautions with all facets of your commercial property in Adelaide is the key to productivity. A stark reality of Adelaide commercial properties is that older variations often have asbestos as a part of the composition. One of the most popular asbestos applications in Australia is shingles or roof tiles. At Quality Roofing, we have created a service designed around removing the dangers of asbestos from commercial properties.

With Quality Roofing, you can experience a complete roofing replacement that incorporates the safe and efficient removal of all asbestos materials. We then dispose of the material and commence a full steel roofing replacement and all of the related services. To ensure that your roofing system is comprised of a chemically safe and durable material, steel roofing is the perfect solution.

Whether you are aware of asbestos present in your roofing system, or you are still in the dark about where this material can be found in old properties, we are here to help. With access to all the information and safety equipment, as well as comprehensive knowledge surrounding asbestos.

Why asbestos is bad for business

Asbestos was a popular building material for several reasons. Because asbestos is so durable and resistant to high temperatures and stress, it is ideal for commercial products. It is often used for insulation, roofing shingles, automotive parts, cement mixtures, and numerous other industrial type products. It is sometimes even used in textiles.

Unfortunately, what makes asbestos so appealing – its properties and chemical structure – is also what makes it so detrimental to human health.

Many building materials manufactured before 1987 in Australia contain asbestos, including vinyl flooring, cement asbestos board used as walls and roofing, pipe and heater insulation, ceiling texture coats such as popcorn ceiling and acoustical tiles, and about 3000 other construction materials. This means that knowing exactly what is asbestos and what isn’t can be difficult.

Quality Roofing has had extensive experience in identifying these materials, and are aware of all of the different applications that are commonly found in Australia.

Diseases associated with asbestos inhalation include lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma, a deadly cancer of the lining of the lungs as a result of the fibres. At Quality Roofing, we minimise exposure by following specified handling and wrapping procedures and by also wearing approved respirators and protective clothing

Any disruption to this material can release the particles, therefore exposing the employees of your business to long-term illness. Not only is this damaging to productivity and safety, but it also opens you up to liability. Therefore, a roofing system comprised of asbestos roofing materials must be removed ASAP to avoid detrimental effects to business.

The process

Often, the hardest part about commercial asbestos roof replacement is the identification of the material. Corrugated roof tiles often look like the only slate tiles used in Australia, therefore making it difficult to actually determine where the material lies. The Quality Roofing team have seen asbestos in every Adelaide commercial application over the years, and not only know what to look for but how to complete testing for definitive answers.

From the primary consultation and identification phases, right through to the safe disposal via whatever means works with the situation – Quality Roofing have you covered. We worry about asbestos, so you don’t have to, assuring that those within your commercial property will be safe and not exposed to the dangers of the material.

Once the removal process is completed by our team, we can start the implementation of a brand new roofing system in whatever application you wish, giving you a creative freedom that you never had before.

Why Steel with Quality roofing

There are a few traits that we believe situate steel roofing as one of the premier materials on the Australian market. Once the asbestos is removed, the replacement material (steel) will exhibit many traits that will leave your commercial property protected and visual for the future.

Longevity Steel roofs can last 40-70 years if maintained, depending on the material. Traditional asbestos roofing materials could also last for a prolonged period of time. However, they would begin to deteriorate, with harmful repercussions.

Durability Some metal roofs can sustain wind gusts up to 200km per hour, will not corrode or crack, and may be impact-resistant against branches, hail and other debris. In addition, steel roofs don’t need the costly periodic maintenance than other roofing materials often require such as tiles. However, they should be inspected periodically to make sure no repairs are required, and that they continue their function.

Safety Steel roofs are protective against unwanted guests such as animals or even human intruders. The material is also fire resistant.

Energy efficiency High-quality steel roofs are also energy efficient in the way that they reduce heating and cooling costs. This is due to the insulative qualities of the material, which lead to immense positive environmental effects.

Environmentally friendly – Metal roofs not only have 25-95% recycled content, depending on the material used but are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life as a roof. Made in large sheets, you can get the most out of the material assuring that it is less waste due to breakages.

Aiming to achieve professionalism in the realm of commercial roofing, our Quality Roofing team will do everything possible to provide you with safe an effective commercial asbestos removal and steel roof replacement.

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